New Kid On The Blog


I’ve always half-joked about making a blog. But it never actualized because I doubted I could maintain one. Actually, right now as I compose my first ever blog post, I still can’t believe I’m finally making this happen!

Ever since high school, I have been following Filipino bloggers like Camille Co, Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy. They highly influenced my style back then, and still do even until now. They did not only further my passion for  fashion (cliche!) but they got me interested about blogging. As the years passed, I’ve stumbled upon more bloggers – both local and international ones, with Kim Jones, Nicole Warne and Jessica Stein as my new favourites. As my cluster of style icons grew, my desire to start a blog also increased. Albeit this, I was still skeptical and scared. You might ask, how come I am starting a blog? What pushed me to start my own blog was my cousin.

Last Chinese New Year weekend, my cousins and I went to Hong Kong. It was all fun and smiles, of course, until we had to go back and face the realities of student life and employment back in Manila… Approximately a week after that, my mother so excitedly shared to me that one of my cousins with us in HK made a blogpost about our recent trip! I said to myself, if she can, then so can I!

And now here I am, ending my first post. Hope you’d stay with me through this! ☺️

Forever 21 hat | Greenhills top | Rhipe’s Backyard skirt | Adidas Superstar sneakers

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