On Point

Every person has his or her own preferences and favorites. And in my last post, I shared how I am (and how I fell) in love with culottes. Now, I want to share another favorite of mine – pointed shoes.

My penchant for pointed shoes started when my mom bought me a pair a few years back. And ever since, it just snowballed from there – I can’t get enough of them! If I love culottes for its versatility, I love pointed shoes because of its oomph factor.

I always want to look chic and polished. But for a college student like me who lives far from my school, time is my mortal enemy. (…and traffic. πŸ™„ I’m currently stuck in traffic as I write this! 😑) I still have to be in Katipunan area by 7am even when my classes start at 8:30am because I need to drop off my siblings at their school. So I really need to be quick! So, I ask myself, what would Blair Waldorf do? (Haha I love her!) Adorn my feet with my trusty pair! 😊 and ta-da, I’m ready to go! Even in a very casual and laidback outfit (like a plain white tee and denim shorts combination), one can still achieve the chic and polished look by simply wearing black pointed shoes.

Here is what I wore for school today. I matched this outfit with this pair of shoes for that extra oomph. πŸ˜‰


These photos are from our Australia trip last year. I try to optimize what I bring to trips so there would still be space when I shop (cough luggage weight limits cough) without compromising my outfits. Hence, I bring pieces that I can pair with almost any outfit. And I can never go wrong with my black flats.


Clearly, they’re overused and battered. πŸ˜… I definitely need a new pair! And if you still don’t have one, stand up right now, go to the mall and buy yourself a pair. I assure you they’ll be one of your greatest investments. You won’t regret it. 😊

Outfit 1: Β Forever 21 top | Rhipe’s Backyard skirt | Old Navy shoes

Outfit 2:Β Forever 21 blazer | For Me top | For Me shorts | Old Navy shoes | Prada bag

Outfit 3:Β Forever 21 cardigan |Β Forever 21 tank top | H&M pants | Old Navy shoes | Prada bag


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