On With The Off Shoulder

With yesterday’s temperature reaching a scorching 37ºC and a record-breaking heat index of 51ºC, we can safely say that summer has officially arrived. And what better way to spice up summer attires than by hopping on to the off-shoulder bandwagon?

This trend is another one that I hope wouldn’t go away soon. I’m usually envious of countries with four seasons because I love how they get to wear winter outfits and how they experience snow without the need to fly. But this trend makes me thankful for Philippines’ tropical climate. With our country’s generally warm and sunny climate, one can sport the off-shoulder style basically any time of the year. And when we booked for Maldives for the Holy Week break (travel post coming soon!), I instantly wanted an off-shoulder dress for our upcoming trip.

I was actually unsure with this dress because I thought the cut wasn’t flattering on me. Dress silhouettes like this is not flattering for my body type. If I’m not mistaken, shirt dresses have the similar, if not the same, silhouette. And it’s so disappointing and frustrating because I can’t wear one without looking like Flatts the Flounder. 😔 But the dress was perfect for a beach getaway that I didn’t mind looking like Flatts. Haha! 😝


The photo below was taken at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport while we were waiting for our flight to the resort. When we arrived at Maldives from Hong Kong it was around midnight so we weren’t able to see how beautiful and breathtaking the surroundings of the airport were. I specifically chose to wear my off-shoulder dress on this day because I wanted to be swim-ready yet airport appropriate. This dress was perfect because it exudes beach vibes and the material is light and breathable so I’d still be comfortable when waiting in the airport. The top material is lace which makes the dress even more perfect for the summery climate of Maldives. For my accessories, I just wore a straw hat and a pair of sunglasses. It’s much hotter in Maldives compared to the Philippines so these accessories weren’t only to polish off my outfit but they also served as protection for my face and eyes. To complete my look, I just wore faux-leather strap sandals so I’m ready to stroll along the beach when we get to the resort.


In these next photos, you can see that I’m already wearing my bikini underneath. Actually, my family and I have already snorkeled around our overwater bungalow when these were taken. I used my off-shoulder dress as a coverup instead of usual denim shorts and top combination.


If you’re booked for a beach trip in these coming months and contemplating on what to wear, try an off-shoulder dress! It’s perfect for a stroll along the beach, for an excursion to nearby cities or tourist spots or as chic coverup. 😊

Uniqlo hat | Sunnies Studios sunglasses | Nita dress | Rubi sandals


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