Into the Blue


If this trip was spontaneous and out of the blue, my outfits were premeditated and well thought of. I don’t frequent the beach so when we booked for a trip to one, I really took the time to build my wardrobe choices. Besides, I don’t know when I’ll ever go back to Maldives so I made sure that my outfits were picture perfect. 😉

In one of our shopping trips to prepare for our vacation, my sister told me that the clothes I was buying were impractical because they are not suitable for the beach. But I didn’t want the typical coverups for my outfits. In my previous post, I showed you how I used my off-shoulder dress as a coverup. Here during our second day at the resort, I used a maxi skirt.


I love how maxi skirts can make anyone look taller. They can also add sophistication to an outfit. There was no need to put on a sleeveless top or something similar because my bikini top was not that revealing to begin with. It actually looks like a cropped halter top. The resort is quite strict with beach attire. It is not allowed to roam around the island without coverups. In fact, it is much stricter in Malé, the capital of Maldives. Women can’t wear bikinis in Hulhumale and Villingili, which are Malé’s public beaches. Maldives is a Muslim country so they are very conservative with regards to clothing.

IMG_1654 IMG_1698

After a day filled with water activities, we joined the sunset fishing cruise provided by our resort (more about this in my travel post!). My skirt effortlessly blended with the tranquil and majestic Indian Ocean.

IMG_1732 (1).jpg

Contrary to what my sister said, maxi skirts are actually stylish yet comfortable especially for a beach getaway. From beach strolling to sunset cruise, the skirt was not a fuss at all and actually provided cover for my legs. The best part is it adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your outfit. ☺️

Uniqlo hat | Sunnies Studios sunglasses | Coco Cabana bikini | Nita skirt | UP Clothing Technology  jellies


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