It’s my first time in Amsterdam, and I can say that I am very much in awe of this place. Although June is the start of summer here, it’s been gloomy and cozy the past two days. Frankly, I am quite disappointed as better lighting means better photos. Haha! Even so, this kind of weather did not – and could not – take away a teeny bit of charm and beauty from this breathtaking city. Without a doubt, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Since it’s the start of the summer, I only brought light jackets with me. It became a bit hotter compared to the previous chilly days since our arrival, so this ecru blazer was perfect in keeping me warm and comfortable throughout the day.


Comfortability is essential when traveling but I was never the one to prioritize it. So even when I knew we were going to the Dutch countryside, I still wore these loafers. It was my first time wearing them so I was really anxious I’d end up plastering band-aids all over my feet… Thankfully, it didn’t lead to that.


The gorgeous Royal Palace of Amsterdam

I’ve been itching to wear these culottes ever since I bought them but I found them so pretty that I wanted the perfect occasion to wear them. And Amsterdam was it. As a matter of fact, I already took blog photos at Zaanse Schans against a gorgeous facade (see first photo). But we went to Dam Square after our excursion, and as we emerged from Nieuwendijk, I knew that this is the perfect backdrop for my outfit.

IMG_9224.JPGIMG_9223.JPGDon’t you agree? It goes quite well with my outfit. 😊IMG_9226.JPG


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