Comfort and Style


For this day, we had an excursion to Bruges and Antwerp. The architecture of the places is very classic and elegant so I opted for a sophisticated look. My culottes are already so striking so I paired them with dark shades. As for me, maroon and black are at the topmost elegant colors. Nude, white, gray and pastel colors are also in my list.


To add more sophistication, I wore my black pointed flats. These flats are amazing. They might look extremely uncomfortable, but they are one of my most comfy shoes! No blisters, not even an unpleasant feeling. Style and comfort combined into one topped with some extra straps. Haha!

I was afraid my cape would slide off from time to time but there were garters at the sides that keep its placement.


Why choose between comfort and style when you can have both? 💁


 Forever 21 hat | Sky Castle Co. top | Zara culottes | H&M cape | Prada bag | Gassan Diamonds watch | Purple Sole flats


3 thoughts on “Comfort and Style

  1. I agree with your sophisticated color list plus they’re very stylish, and easiest to find! This outfit is perfect for that place! I love that pattern of your culottes, I’m definitely getting one! ❤


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