Rain or Shine

IMG_9598Although it’s the start of summer in this side of the world, Switzerland’s weather at this time of the year is pretty unstable. When we got here, it was hot enough that I wasn’t wearing any coat. Thank God I was wearing a sleeveless top so I immediately felt cool after removing my coat. However on our second day here, the weather took a quick turn deciding it still didn’t want the sun to shine so brightly after all. It was quite enchanting seeing the cobblestone streets and sandstone buildings of ZΓΌrich drenched with rain.

The weather, certainly, did not hinder us from exploring more of this mountainous country. You can see in the photos that it was drizzling when we were at Switzerland’s city of roses, Rapperswil. In our short stay there, we went around Altstadt, which is its old town. The rain might have been an inconvenience to others, but to me it just added more to the medieval ambience of the place.


When I was planning my outfits for the trip, I checked the weather forecast so I would know what to wear. I don’t mind shivery cold weather, I embrace coldness (with arms wide open haha!). But I cannot withstand heat and sweating. So even when I knew it was going to be quite colder because of the rain (and the possible wind that comes with it), my wardrobe was still light.


I might not mind piercing breezes but I do mind getting sick. It would be such a bummer to be sick on a trip so I still made sure I’m protected from the rain. I brought my hat (and umbrella) with me to protect me from rain. My kimono was also excellent in keeping me warm and cozy even with the rain. I matched my outfit with these sneakers because I always get annoyed when my feet get wet (haha!). Plus, it goes well with the neutral tones of my outfit.


Traveling or not, always check the weather before heading out home. I learned this the hard way. I was wearing my favorite studded shoes from Zara and it was pouring the whole day in school. Naturally and unfortunately, my shoes became extremely soaked. So now, they have stains and the straps are detaching. πŸ˜₯ 

I know you don’t want to bid adieu to your favorite pair in this tragic way so make it a habit to check the weather. Besides, weather apps aren’t only useful when you need to check if there’s school the next day. πŸ˜‰


Forever 21 hat | Zara kimono | Copper top | Copper culottes | Prada bag | Adidas sneakers


3 thoughts on “Rain or Shine

  1. I love this outfit so much! I extremely love coldness too, especially when you have to layer all your clothes, yay! I’m so sorry with your shoes, thanks for that tip! And always remember to bring rubber shoes or flats that are stylish as well! By the way, the flowers are so beautiful – like a bed of roses. HAHAHA WHAT love your blog! If you have time, please do check mine too! πŸ™‚


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