Living far away from my school means that I always have a lot of things with me. I have my chargers (phone, laptop, powerbank, and sometimes camera), umbrella, emergency/grooming kit, reusable bag, school things, and a whole lot more. In short, I have a ton of things with me. Every day. And that’s why I love my Anello backpack; I can fit all my things in it even my A4-size binder. But then, in Katipunan area, anywhere you turn, I’m sure you’d be able to spot at least one student sporting this type of bag.


What differentiates Anello from other student-friendly bags is their minimalist design compared to, let’s say Jansport. When you browse Jansport bags, they have lots of designs to choose from unlike with Anello where what usually varies is the color. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing because I love minimalist aesthetics but I do want my bag to stand out especially that I use it everyday. Aside from the style factor, it’s hard to spot my bag when I’m in the library and there are lots of bags in the bag counter. 😅  But that’s not my problem anymore thanks to Oh My Bag Philippines‘ handle wraps!



Here, I’m using Tylissa. With it’s colorful design, it’s the perfect accent to my navy blue backpack.


When I was putting the handle wraps on, I was thinking, why did I only do this now?! Call me basic, but I was a bit bothered that a lot of people have the exact same bag as mine. And when I say exact, it is literally e x a c t. I wanted it to be my own, to incorporate me in my bag. And these handle wraps were just what I needed. It’s the chicest way of customizing my bag without overdoing it. Having these wraps on added more character to my bag. And if I would want to change my wraps, when they get dirty or when my style changes, Oh My Bag Philippines offer a lot of handle wrap designs. They even have plain ones!


Aside from the obvious chic style realness these wraps channel, they’re also functional. When I’m in a hurry or my back hurts, I carry my bag using the handles. But in 10 minutes or so, for certain, my right palm would already be so red and hurting! With the wraps on, doing that is not a fuss anymore because the material is so soft. Plus, these wraps add protection for your bag handles.


This is precisely my face when I got my bag handles from Oh My Bag. Their handle wraps are not only pretty and functional, but are also affordable. They only retail at 299 PHP! So many benefits at such an affordable price. ✨  So go now and head over at their website to see more of their beautiful wraps, or checkout their Instagram page for daily updates.


If you’re reading this, I seriously can’t believe why you’re still not at their website salivating over their products. 😝

Adidas cap | Primark jacket | Greenhills top | H&M skirt | Adidas shoes



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