Living far away from my school means that I always have a lot of things with me. I have my chargers (phone, laptop, powerbank, and sometimes camera), umbrella, emergency/grooming kit, reusable bag, school things, and a whole lot more. In short, I have a ton of things with me. Every day. And that’s why I love my Anello backpack; I can fit all my things in it even my A4-size binder. But then, in Katipunan area, anywhere you turn, I’m sure you’d be able to spot at least one student sporting this type of bag.


What differentiates Anello from other student-friendly bags is their minimalist design compared to, let’s say Jansport. When you browse Jansport bags, they have lots of designs to choose from unlike with Anello where what usually varies is the color. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing because I love minimalist aesthetics but I do want my bag to stand out especially that I use it everyday. Aside from the style factor, it’s hard to spot my bag when I’m in the library and there are lots of bags in the bag counter. 😅  But that’s not my problem anymore thanks to Oh My Bag Philippines‘ handle wraps!



Here, I’m using Tylissa. With it’s colorful design, it’s the perfect accent to my navy blue backpack.


When I was putting the handle wraps on, I was thinking, why did I only do this now?! Call me basic, but I was a bit bothered that a lot of people have the exact same bag as mine. And when I say exact, it is literally e x a c t. I wanted it to be my own, to incorporate me in my bag. And these handle wraps were just what I needed. It’s the chicest way of customizing my bag without overdoing it. Having these wraps on added more character to my bag. And if I would want to change my wraps, when they get dirty or when my style changes, Oh My Bag Philippines offer a lot of handle wrap designs. They even have plain ones!


Aside from the obvious chic style realness these wraps channel, they’re also functional. When I’m in a hurry or my back hurts, I carry my bag using the handles. But in 10 minutes or so, for certain, my right palm would already be so red and hurting! With the wraps on, doing that is not a fuss anymore because the material is so soft. Plus, these wraps add protection for your bag handles.


This is precisely my face when I got my bag handles from Oh My Bag. Their handle wraps are not only pretty and functional, but are also affordable. They only retail at 299 PHP! So many benefits at such an affordable price. ✨  So go now and head over at their website to see more of their beautiful wraps, or checkout their Instagram page for daily updates.


If you’re reading this, I seriously can’t believe why you’re still not at their website salivating over their products. 😝

Adidas cap | Primark jacket | Greenhills top | H&M skirt | Adidas shoes


Hot Pants

It’s been such a long time since the last time I posted! School was really crazy the previous semester, and it exhaustively drained me. I was always on my laptop for the countless group works and numerous design projects that I just had to back away from it, and give myself some downtime.

Nevertheless, I’m here, I’m back; and let’s pick up where we left off! 😜

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

Here, I’m wearing my navy blue drape jogger pants from Uniqlo. These are my all-time favorite that I just couldn’t resist getting the dusty rose and pinstripes also. 💸 🙈   I’m currently eyeing the brown version of this in their current collection. 👀


When you live in a tropical country, it is inconvenient to wear denim pants, especially the skinny ones, all year round. Dare to try wearing skinny jeans on one hot summer day, and I’m certain you’ll be melting like Olaf! 😅

FullSizeRender 20.jpg

It’s specifically hard for me ever since the academic calendar shift was implemented because we still have school during the peak of the summer season. I prefer wearing pants to school, and it was such a struggle during the first year of the shift. That time, my arsenal of pants was composed mainly of denim. The shift is basically the reason why I diversified my selection of pants.

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

This day, though, wasn’t a school day. So I dressed up my pants with off-shoulder top and loafers. I finished off my look with a matching blush clutch bag. To polish the look, I tightened my top and tucked the ruffles of my sleeves to balance the looseness of my outfit.

How about you? How do you cope with the summer heat? Leave a  comment here or on Instagram; I would love to hear your thoughts. ☺️


Trippy Swag top | Uniqlo Pants | Zalora shoes | Longchamp bag


Rain or Shine

IMG_9598Although it’s the start of summer in this side of the world, Switzerland’s weather at this time of the year is pretty unstable. When we got here, it was hot enough that I wasn’t wearing any coat. Thank God I was wearing a sleeveless top so I immediately felt cool after removing my coat. However on our second day here, the weather took a quick turn deciding it still didn’t want the sun to shine so brightly after all. It was quite enchanting seeing the cobblestone streets and sandstone buildings of Zürich drenched with rain.

The weather, certainly, did not hinder us from exploring more of this mountainous country. You can see in the photos that it was drizzling when we were at Switzerland’s city of roses, Rapperswil. In our short stay there, we went around Altstadt, which is its old town. The rain might have been an inconvenience to others, but to me it just added more to the medieval ambience of the place.


When I was planning my outfits for the trip, I checked the weather forecast so I would know what to wear. I don’t mind shivery cold weather, I embrace coldness (with arms wide open haha!). But I cannot withstand heat and sweating. So even when I knew it was going to be quite colder because of the rain (and the possible wind that comes with it), my wardrobe was still light.


I might not mind piercing breezes but I do mind getting sick. It would be such a bummer to be sick on a trip so I still made sure I’m protected from the rain. I brought my hat (and umbrella) with me to protect me from rain. My kimono was also excellent in keeping me warm and cozy even with the rain. I matched my outfit with these sneakers because I always get annoyed when my feet get wet (haha!). Plus, it goes well with the neutral tones of my outfit.


Traveling or not, always check the weather before heading out home. I learned this the hard way. I was wearing my favorite studded shoes from Zara and it was pouring the whole day in school. Naturally and unfortunately, my shoes became extremely soaked. So now, they have stains and the straps are detaching. 😥 

I know you don’t want to bid adieu to your favorite pair in this tragic way so make it a habit to check the weather. Besides, weather apps aren’t only useful when you need to check if there’s school the next day. 😉


Forever 21 hat | Zara kimono | Copper top | Copper culottes | Prada bag | Adidas sneakers

Comfort and Style


For this day, we had an excursion to Bruges and Antwerp. The architecture of the places is very classic and elegant so I opted for a sophisticated look. My culottes are already so striking so I paired them with dark shades. As for me, maroon and black are at the topmost elegant colors. Nude, white, gray and pastel colors are also in my list.


To add more sophistication, I wore my black pointed flats. These flats are amazing. They might look extremely uncomfortable, but they are one of my most comfy shoes! No blisters, not even an unpleasant feeling. Style and comfort combined into one topped with some extra straps. Haha!

I was afraid my cape would slide off from time to time but there were garters at the sides that keep its placement.


Why choose between comfort and style when you can have both? 💁


 Forever 21 hat | Sky Castle Co. top | Zara culottes | H&M cape | Prada bag | Gassan Diamonds watch | Purple Sole flats



It’s my first time in Amsterdam, and I can say that I am very much in awe of this place. Although June is the start of summer here, it’s been gloomy and cozy the past two days. Frankly, I am quite disappointed as better lighting means better photos. Haha! Even so, this kind of weather did not – and could not – take away a teeny bit of charm and beauty from this breathtaking city. Without a doubt, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Since it’s the start of the summer, I only brought light jackets with me. It became a bit hotter compared to the previous chilly days since our arrival, so this ecru blazer was perfect in keeping me warm and comfortable throughout the day.


Comfortability is essential when traveling but I was never the one to prioritize it. So even when I knew we were going to the Dutch countryside, I still wore these loafers. It was my first time wearing them so I was really anxious I’d end up plastering band-aids all over my feet… Thankfully, it didn’t lead to that.


The gorgeous Royal Palace of Amsterdam

I’ve been itching to wear these culottes ever since I bought them but I found them so pretty that I wanted the perfect occasion to wear them. And Amsterdam was it. As a matter of fact, I already took blog photos at Zaanse Schans against a gorgeous facade (see first photo). But we went to Dam Square after our excursion, and as we emerged from Nieuwendijk, I knew that this is the perfect backdrop for my outfit.

IMG_9224.JPGIMG_9223.JPGDon’t you agree? It goes quite well with my outfit. 😊IMG_9226.JPG

Into the Blue


If this trip was spontaneous and out of the blue, my outfits were premeditated and well thought of. I don’t frequent the beach so when we booked for a trip to one, I really took the time to build my wardrobe choices. Besides, I don’t know when I’ll ever go back to Maldives so I made sure that my outfits were picture perfect. 😉

In one of our shopping trips to prepare for our vacation, my sister told me that the clothes I was buying were impractical because they are not suitable for the beach. But I didn’t want the typical coverups for my outfits. In my previous post, I showed you how I used my off-shoulder dress as a coverup. Here during our second day at the resort, I used a maxi skirt.


I love how maxi skirts can make anyone look taller. They can also add sophistication to an outfit. There was no need to put on a sleeveless top or something similar because my bikini top was not that revealing to begin with. It actually looks like a cropped halter top. The resort is quite strict with beach attire. It is not allowed to roam around the island without coverups. In fact, it is much stricter in Malé, the capital of Maldives. Women can’t wear bikinis in Hulhumale and Villingili, which are Malé’s public beaches. Maldives is a Muslim country so they are very conservative with regards to clothing.

IMG_1654 IMG_1698

After a day filled with water activities, we joined the sunset fishing cruise provided by our resort (more about this in my travel post!). My skirt effortlessly blended with the tranquil and majestic Indian Ocean.

IMG_1732 (1).jpg

Contrary to what my sister said, maxi skirts are actually stylish yet comfortable especially for a beach getaway. From beach strolling to sunset cruise, the skirt was not a fuss at all and actually provided cover for my legs. The best part is it adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your outfit. ☺️

Uniqlo hat | Sunnies Studios sunglasses | Coco Cabana bikini | Nita skirt | UP Clothing Technology  jellies

The Big Three


If you’ve been following my blog, you would know I’ve talked about my three current favorite style staples. Coincidentally, I wore all of them together today. I actually did not notice, but a friend pointed it out while we were brainstorming on the title of the post (she was actually the one who thought of the title).


I love these lace-up pointed shoes. I just recently bought them, and I feared that they would be so uncomfortable and painful to wear. However, I’ve been wearing them all day and my feet didn’t hurt at all! I actually have blisters on my right foot (from other pair of shoes #tiisganda) but they didn’t hurt at all even when I didn’t put bandaid! I guess the only downside is that the laces get untied from time to time. No biggie, it’s just comparable to wearing lace-up sneakers. ☺️ Now, I want a black pair also!


The choker bug has been rampant in the city, and I obviously got bit by it.


If you’ve noticed, there is literally no post in my blog that I haven’t worn my Pandora bracelet. Each charm (and even the bracelet) has special meaning to it, and I’ll share that in another blogpost. 😉


I’m keeping this short and sweet because I’m quite in a hurry since I still have a long exam to study for! Please pray for me and my classmates. Haha!

Penumbra choker | Disney Couture necklace | Trippy Swag top | Mango culottes | Michael Kors watch | Pandora bracelet | Furla bag | Zalora shoes

On With The Off Shoulder

With yesterday’s temperature reaching a scorching 37ºC and a record-breaking heat index of 51ºC, we can safely say that summer has officially arrived. And what better way to spice up summer attires than by hopping on to the off-shoulder bandwagon?

This trend is another one that I hope wouldn’t go away soon. I’m usually envious of countries with four seasons because I love how they get to wear winter outfits and how they experience snow without the need to fly. But this trend makes me thankful for Philippines’ tropical climate. With our country’s generally warm and sunny climate, one can sport the off-shoulder style basically any time of the year. And when we booked for Maldives for the Holy Week break (travel post coming soon!), I instantly wanted an off-shoulder dress for our upcoming trip.

I was actually unsure with this dress because I thought the cut wasn’t flattering on me. Dress silhouettes like this is not flattering for my body type. If I’m not mistaken, shirt dresses have the similar, if not the same, silhouette. And it’s so disappointing and frustrating because I can’t wear one without looking like Flatts the Flounder. 😔 But the dress was perfect for a beach getaway that I didn’t mind looking like Flatts. Haha! 😝


The photo below was taken at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport while we were waiting for our flight to the resort. When we arrived at Maldives from Hong Kong it was around midnight so we weren’t able to see how beautiful and breathtaking the surroundings of the airport were. I specifically chose to wear my off-shoulder dress on this day because I wanted to be swim-ready yet airport appropriate. This dress was perfect because it exudes beach vibes and the material is light and breathable so I’d still be comfortable when waiting in the airport. The top material is lace which makes the dress even more perfect for the summery climate of Maldives. For my accessories, I just wore a straw hat and a pair of sunglasses. It’s much hotter in Maldives compared to the Philippines so these accessories weren’t only to polish off my outfit but they also served as protection for my face and eyes. To complete my look, I just wore faux-leather strap sandals so I’m ready to stroll along the beach when we get to the resort.


In these next photos, you can see that I’m already wearing my bikini underneath. Actually, my family and I have already snorkeled around our overwater bungalow when these were taken. I used my off-shoulder dress as a coverup instead of usual denim shorts and top combination.


If you’re booked for a beach trip in these coming months and contemplating on what to wear, try an off-shoulder dress! It’s perfect for a stroll along the beach, for an excursion to nearby cities or tourist spots or as chic coverup. 😊

Uniqlo hat | Sunnies Studios sunglasses | Nita dress | Rubi sandals

On Point

Every person has his or her own preferences and favorites. And in my last post, I shared how I am (and how I fell) in love with culottes. Now, I want to share another favorite of mine – pointed shoes.

My penchant for pointed shoes started when my mom bought me a pair a few years back. And ever since, it just snowballed from there – I can’t get enough of them! If I love culottes for its versatility, I love pointed shoes because of its oomph factor.

I always want to look chic and polished. But for a college student like me who lives far from my school, time is my mortal enemy. (…and traffic. 🙄 I’m currently stuck in traffic as I write this! 😡) I still have to be in Katipunan area by 7am even when my classes start at 8:30am because I need to drop off my siblings at their school. So I really need to be quick! So, I ask myself, what would Blair Waldorf do? (Haha I love her!) Adorn my feet with my trusty pair! 😊 and ta-da, I’m ready to go! Even in a very casual and laidback outfit (like a plain white tee and denim shorts combination), one can still achieve the chic and polished look by simply wearing black pointed shoes.

Here is what I wore for school today. I matched this outfit with this pair of shoes for that extra oomph. 😉


These photos are from our Australia trip last year. I try to optimize what I bring to trips so there would still be space when I shop (cough luggage weight limits cough) without compromising my outfits. Hence, I bring pieces that I can pair with almost any outfit. And I can never go wrong with my black flats.


Clearly, they’re overused and battered. 😅 I definitely need a new pair! And if you still don’t have one, stand up right now, go to the mall and buy yourself a pair. I assure you they’ll be one of your greatest investments. You won’t regret it. 😊

Outfit 1:  Forever 21 top | Rhipe’s Backyard skirt | Old Navy shoes

Outfit 2: Forever 21 blazer | For Me top | For Me shorts | Old Navy shoes | Prada bag

Outfit 3: Forever 21 cardigan | Forever 21 tank top | H&M pants | Old Navy shoes | Prada bag

Playing It Culottes

12921909_10209176864124516_1419112263_oToday was very sinful. It was my tita’s birthday celebration at Diamond Hotel, and as usual, my  siblings and I were very excited for it because this means buffet (on a side note, their buffet was very delicious; their baby back ribs were TO DIE FOR)! 😋 It’s one of my goals this year to become more fit and healthier. But events like this make me forget my goals. 😅 I promise, though, that I will atone for my sins tomorrow. 🙏

Aside from the scrumptious lunch, I was also thrilled because this was a chance for me to dress up. Hence, an opportunity for a blog post! 😝 I am still studying (at UP Diliman), and the outfits I usually wear are more casual than what I was wearing today. Although, I admit  I can’t resist to dress up from time to time. 🙊

Culottes are my current addiction. Every time there’s a chance for me to dress up, I wear culottes! I love how they are very versatile. The first time I ever wore one was during a Christmas dinner, so I paired my favorite Mango culottes with pointed closed-toe high heels and a cherry-blossom shade crop top, and voila, I’m all dressed up for the Christmas dinner (sadly though I don’t have a full body photo when I was wearing this). A month ago, I also matched these same pair of culottes with a white ribbed top and my trusty Stan Smiths for a school day. Unlike my previous outfit, this one is very comfortable and on the go –  yet still maintaining a polished look. 😉


Today, I opt to wear a casual yet polished look. I didn’t want to look too dressed up since it was a lunch event. Here are some photos of my outfit:


Sidenote: I actually brought a compact camera with me but when my brother viewed the first few shots he took of me, it said “No Memory Card.” I told him that maybe it’s just a glitch, but it soon dawned on me that I forgot to put back the memory card! 😓 So we just used my phone camera to take these shots. 


 Greenhills ribbed top | Sky Castle Co. culottes | Michael Kors watch | Cartier Pandora braceletsValentino bag | Adidas Stan Smith shoes

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